Variation in access within communities


  • To see a particular community, click, drag & zoom to it on the map.
  • To choose an access variable to visualize, check it on list on top-left.
  • To see variation only within one part of the state, use the menus on the right.
  • If you want more detail, click here.

What do dots represent?

Dots on the map are distributed approximately where families with young children live. Each dot represents about 4 families. Actual family locations are not shown, only simulated locations. But dots are densely packed in areas where many families with young children live and sparse in areas where few live.  Each dot’s color signifies the child care access level of families in that neighborhood, from high (dark blue) to low (dark red), on the chosen access variable.

Data: Providers from 2017 NACCRRAware; Synthetic Families from 2010 Census & 2011-2015 American Community Survey
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